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Tech Innovation
Level18CPH specializes in helping companies through early stage projects, from concept to prototype to launch. If you can’t validate the innovation initiative in 90 days, then kill the idea. We deliver an agile and validated technical innovation process for future proofing of a specific area or business model. Read More
GDPR compliance,
made simpler
The Legal tech platform created by Level18CPH allows any company to generate relevant policies and statements for employees, customers and authorities. A new concept that helps any small busniess to get started on their GDPR compliance! See More
Task connect
Level18CPH has created a unique task connect platform that allows specialized crew/personnel to get connected to a specific task. SYVR.org is the first global project on the platform connecting Marine Sureveyors with insurance companies combining Task management, GEO filtering and business model handling. Read More
Insurance Claims
Level18CPH has created a unique claims and documentation platform for the global Insurance sector. The platform is already used by www.surveyassociation.com and more huge brands are currentlly piloting the platform. The platform comes as a white label solution, ready to be deployed for any global brand. Read More

FAST is better!

You need to make sure that ideas are realized fast to evaluate the potential. Bring the right people in and you are set for succes!

Shut down your immune system

By innovating as fast as in 48 hours you kill every attempt from your corporate immune system to shut down the innovation.

You are carrying the ideas!

Our models, frameworks and rapid execution specialists are just empowering your team to carry out the innovation.

1 idea | 10 places

You can be shure, that if your idea is good enough there will be other teams that are working on the execution of it – as we speak! Do not wait. Move fast on it and be the first to launch it.

Who & Why we are here

We are a great team of experienced tech people and entrepreneurs. With vast experience within startups and industry fields such as Insurance, Legal, Transport  & the public sector we empower our partners with knowledge and innovation. Our core is an exceptional entrepreneurial thinking  & innovative spirit at the same time.

With success, our customers and partners combine the power of their corporation with the speed as a startup – leveraged by our team.

The result we deliver is an agile and validated technical innovation process for future proofing of a specific area or business model. Embrace the notion; “What got you here, won’t take you there”. We help predict the future demands today by creativity, testing and validation. We listen to customers & observe their behavior, grasp their feedback and adjust the product or idea. We watch for influencing factors surrounding a business while iteration is carried out.

We are Level18Cph.

Principles of Our Work

#1: Throw speed and agility into your product and business development. 

Agility is the capacity to identify and capture opportunities more quickly than rivals do. To be successful in today’s environment of rapid, concurrent and never-ending change, organizations must grow their change agility not just to thrive, but to survive.  Innovation projects are a way to prevent this from happening. If you can’t validate the innovation initiative in 90 days, then kill the idea.


#2: Brand building

Sense of hunger and urgency will impact your brand awareness towards employees and customers. Your company’s past is an asset but you need to focus on what can be accomplished in the future and this requires radical thinking and the right space for thinking. Use tech innovation to prevent nostalgia and the blocking of innovation. Leverage the spirit of your innovation project to re-ignite your intrapreneurs.

Solve problems for the masses! – Don’t think solutions as you are used to.

You need to lead like an innovator and invest in the right mindset, culture, incentives and support throughout your organization. It is a about changing the way you think from the roots up and this is no easy task. Develop for the masses and benefit from the crowd, the customers and your network, internally as well as external. You will need to look beyond a single brilliant idea and instead create an iterative system focused on open value creation and scalable growth. Level18cph can help you on track with this process.

Our framework

What we do and why we are good at it.


A. Innovate with a mandate

We help you to get started with the right mandate. So many great innovations never see light of day due to unstructured processes or if they can’t get the attention of senior leadership. Start the right way and solve the problem.


B. Establish the playground for innovation

We  look at what pains we address with you and what benefits concepts will give. We establish sketches for the final output of concepts. We consider political, legal technical and financial frameworks in the direction you desire.


C. Define concept & technical innovation model

We establish the technical distribution of your innovation concept. Native apps, html5 based apps, browser concepts. Any tecnical decision needs to be anchored in you business rationale. We help combine the two.


D. Tech operations incubation

Based on our 20 year of compliant tech operations in global markets we assist you in operating  your platform and customers until your innovation can “fly” on its own. We call it tech platform incubation.

Cases of innovation

Here are some examples of the work we have delivered


SYVR – Marine Surveying made easy

SYVR’s aim is to create an independent platform for matching clients with high quality marine surveyors globally. This makes SYVR a marketplace based on ‘gig economy’ principles, with surveyors that are either self-employed, or working for a surveying company to get exposure to clients worldwide as and when needed. SYVR does not employ own surveyor…


GDPRigth.com – GDPR made simpler

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest shake-up to small and medium sized businesses in terms of compliance in the last twenty years. GDPRight.com is a LegalTech concept that has been developed to provide a a rapid, automated and effective tool & way to get help. From automated reports to experienced GDPR…


HR tech – engagement programme

Stressmap Dashboard is a digital people engagement tool that helps organisation enhance and monitor their corporate wellbeing. The technology and innovative game-play is the ”agent”/tool by which the employees are able to determine changes that need to be made to ensure and optimize employee satisfaction,  individual as well as team performance throughout the organization. The…

Worldwide experience

With project experience and operations presence globally we deliver a truly global service to our partners. We curently have projects in :




United Kingdom