Instant benefits by joining our 48h programmes.

Receive rapid learning with our 48 hour sessions!
Do you want to learn to use the tools and models of a Startup? What about building ideas and executing on them super quickly? Do you dream about digitising an existing proces or flow? Let’s teach you how to Innovate so fast that you can validate and test the idea in your market at dramatically less costs than you are used to. If all this sounds interesting then our sessions are for you!

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3 programmes of just 48h that can level you up!

We have three types of sessions that you can benefit from. Take a closer look here below and contact us if you need any further information about how we plan and organise the perfect session for you.

Live it! The StartUp Simulator

Throw your tie! Get your sneakers on! Get on board with our 48 hour role play concept, where you and your colleagues will live and launch a Startup! Through simulation role play, gamification and coaching from our own StartUp Ninjas you and your team will live and feel the dream of being a StartUp guy or Girl! For good or worse! Live it, learn it & feel it.

Go on! Electrify your strategy.

You have your strategy and purpose in place but you seem to be missing a scalable and digital component. Use our 48h Rapid Prorotyping to build a product with your own team and our team. The outcome of the process is a working prototype that will enable you to test the idea of scale and digitisation of your strategic platform!

Rapid Prototype the idea.

You are not sure how you can execute on your idea or dream. A new business model? A new product? A new wild idea that will change your business? Through our 48h Rapid Prototyping you will get a concrete prototype that can work as a platform for testing if there is an actual market potential in your idea. Fast and scalable.