Athena Survey on demand – Claims handling digitalized

You have an insurance documentation issue in a remote location with limited access, with an insurance damage you’re not sure will be below or above the deductible. Will you deploy a case surveyor?

Imagine having the insured, or their on-site engineer perform a self-survey thereby saving time and money! Within hours you as an insurer will be in a position to have an initial damage report, which has been through a quality assurance process and review by a professional and qualified surveyor. A fast and competent response is crucial to many situations within the insurance Industry. Athena is striving towards the vision; to extend our business globally and become not only a supplier, but the preferred supplier of our services to the Insurance Industry. Athena is a new survey app within the Insurance Surveying and assessment industry.

The App is available in App Store and Google Play, which the assured can download. The assured or crew inspector can then offline perform the self-survey and when online again, submit the survey. A surveyor will then review the survey and issue a report to the insurer and client. Using ATHENA ensures that critical questions are answered and the reporting is uniform saving time for the review performed by the surveyor.

How it works

ATHENA has a comprehensive database behind it. Each self-survey is customized depending on input, meaning only the relevant questions for the survey are asked. The self-survey tool will include video, sound and photo uploads giving the surveyor a full picture of the items’s condition, damage or cargo.

Who will review the self-survey report

Once the self-survey is completed and submitted, all information is reviewed by a professional marine surveyor, who has the required qualifications for the review. A full survey report will then be issued to the client in .pdf format.

The report will include recommendations and warranties for condition surveys, and observations and comments for damage surveys.




Basic Features and deliverables overview Comment
·         iOS native app + white label option. App will be made available in app store.
·         Android Native app + white label option. App will be made available in app store.
·         User management & registration module Create users, edit, delete users. Lost password function.
·         Questionnaire management CMS + white label option. Used to manage existing surveys, users, Generate new surveys and QA output from system in terms of pdf reports etc.
·         Advanced questionnaire technology See specifications below.
·         Offline mode availability of survey app technology Once survey has been downloaded, user can take the survey even if the user if offline, e.g. on a ship or other remote connection with bad connectivity.
·         Media upload Audio, Pics and video can be uploaded to document a case.
·         In app help guides, hint texts and customized FAQ options Admin can insert guidelines/ helpful text, in order to facilitate the user’s understanding.
·         In app communication between user and assigned surveyor Admin can comment on a survey toward a specific user, which will allow the user to alter / correct or change the answer submitted.
·         Info hotspot option under a survey question Admin can insert specific info hotspots that allow the user to read additional instructions or comments from the survey admin. This also allows links or image descriptions to be displayed in the infohot spot.
·         Multiple surveys active at the same time for user – option In case a user has multiple surveys open, e.g. professional user, the user can navigate through all the surveys and even see which of the surveys are complete or incomplete. User can navigate through incomplete surveys and see which section that must be answered to make the surveys complete.
·         Multiple language (currently Dk & UK language) Additional languages can be added.


·         Surveyor management module Admin can create / edit and assign surveys to a group of user and specifically connect surveyor with a user in terms of report comments and case flow.
·         PDF, csv, excel – survey report generator Every survey can be exported and send or integrated into third party systems.
·         E-mail notification system from admin to users. Admin can send email to user in case user has to update answers in the survey submitted.
·         Support and operations services System monitoring, hosting, app updates, admin assistance, training etc.

Detailed specifications questionnaire technology

Basic Features Overview Comment
·         List management Any list needed e.g. harbor list, countries, vessel type list, damage lists etc can be pre-defined in the CMS and uploaded for easy “add to survey question”.
·         Radio button In case of user has to choose between different types.
·         Check box In case of user has to choose between different types.
·         Dropdown Answer types in alphabetical order
·         Date / Time Date / Time / clock indicator (scroller).
·         Yes / no Conditional In case the following questions are related to either yes or no answer. Example yes leads to question F, no leads to question K.
·         Image selection App uses camera or gallery function to add media
·         Video selection App uses camera or gallery function to add media
·         Audio Selection App uses camera or gallery function to add media
·         Size
·         Weight
·         Yes / No Just regular yes vs. no answer type.
·         Multiple Control / Multiple answers to same question In case a question header needs multiple answers related to the same question. Example, Q1. How many Engines? (answer “2”) Q2. Insert engine 1 brand name. Q3. Insert Engine 2 brand name.
·         Co related / Nested questions / conditional Questions In case a user in the app needs to choose any item / answer, and the linked questions are not relevant those will be made invisible. I.e. Irrelevant questions created in the questionnaire for the user will not be shown.
·         Linked drop down / conditional drop down In case a user in the app needs to choose by different drop-down answer types, before answering the core of the question. Example: 1rst question: Boat type A) Sail or B) Motor (dropdown). If (B) then new drop downs are presented Question: What aux engine type: then choice A) Yes or B) No (dropdowns).  Then if A is chosen then new drop down with questions: A) Diesel/electric or B) Hybrid are shown.
·         Numeric text Just numbers that appears as txt
·         Cost indication in Currency value Where the app needs/ is required to calculate, i.e. cost overviews etc.
·         Confirm txt field Is used for txt declarations such as disclaimers or report declarations e.g. terms and conditions or the like. These will be printed in the report.