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GDPRight – the rapid, effective path to GDPR help


Burden or opportunity?

GDPR actually gives businesses excellent opportunities to take a fresh approach to using data, and optimising its effects. It’s a great chance to tidy up, get rid of legacy practices and start afresh, and in doing so provide customers and other users with a much better overall experience.

Good information handling makes good business sense. GDPR customers can enhance their company’s reputation, boost customer and employee confidence, and save time as well as money by making sure personal information is accurate, relevant and safe.


Biggest shake-up in 20 years

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest shake-up to data protection legislation in the last twenty years.

Your business has to certify compliance by 25 May 2018 – and there are big fines for not doing so.


Where is the market?

Any small business has probably done some – or even all – of the preparatory work for GDPR compliance. It’s not easy, often confusing and can be a big drain on resources.

The right help isn’t easy to find – and the “usual people” are usually busy, booked and very expensive. Especially right now! GDPRight is the pain killer for this. Simple automatic tools that can generate all the documentation and procedures needed.



Fast, effective GDPR help – on customer terms

GDPRight is a rapid, effective way to get help from experienced GDPR advisors who can give you the exact help a small business owner needs – no more, no less. A customer can choose whether to use an advisor, or to contact them directly to get help.


Practical, direct–to-source help

GDPRight saves small business owners time, hassle and money on getting the right expert help to ensure your company’s GDPR compliance. A user get direct contact to experienced professionals focused in the specific challenges and requirements – and nothing else.

Online efficiency saves time and money on preliminaries, meetings and reports.


“GDPRight is a nice initiative within compliance and legal tech. We are assisting digitally by supporting the automated processes of GDPRight if the customers prefer this.” Michael Lund Nørgaard, Lawyer, 


How GDPRight works

  1. A customer use the GDPRight app to answer a series of key questions about your company’s current GDPR status, or how far a customer has got. Customers can also take the self-help tool/guide in case they do not need external advice.
  2. GDPRight use the answers to link the customer up with a GDPR advisor best suited to helping your company forward – unless selc help tools are chosen.
  3. The GDPRight advisor uses the answers to assess how far a customer has got and what the customer need to get in place for successful compliance. The customer can get direct, practical feedback about the best way to get started and to make decisions about what they need to do to get your GDPR compliance finished quickly and effectively.
  4.  And once the customer has its GDPR compliance in place, a GDPRight advisor can also help them keep everything up to date as the business evolves.

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