Stressmap Dashboard – HR tech Feedback Tool

STRESSMAP DASHBOARD is a digital tool that enables the management to benchmark their attitude in relation to corporate wellbeing vs. employees and departments perception of the same! The game is the “agent” for the employees reporting of actions determining change that can optimize employee satisfaction, individual performance and a situation with as little stress as possible throughout the organization.

From mapping to playing to feedback!

The employees play Stressmap and submit their action proposals physically in a group on the game mat. Through the DashboardEmployees will be able to insert their game-mat choices.

The Dashboard is connected to a central Stressmap database and the choices will be matched with management ideas of the same action parameters These (anonymous) choices of actions will appear through the dashboard and converted to areas where stress can be reduced and corporate wellbeing can be enhanced.

Gap analysis and action plan! Through the Stressmap technology and methodology, the management will be able to see the “gaps” in relation to their own attitudes towards stress and corporate welfare on group, team and individual level. Hence, they can evaluate necessary actions vs. employees input from the game.